Monday, 12 March 2012


13th March 2012 - marked the birth of my first ever blog. I was trying to create a blog for my assignment and eventually I end up creating two blogs. One is for my study and another one is my personal blog. Before I even start writing in my blog, the excitement of having a blog suddenly push me to create two different blogs as I will be using them for different purpose.

So here, presenting my personal blog 'the mother in me'. This name just popped up in my mind and I liked it so much because it really represents the future content of this blog. Yes, you get it right! I'll be sharing my thoughts, stories and experience from a mother's point of view. After I've done with the setting for my new blog only I realized that there is another blog which name is just the same as mine. Knowing that I would like to retain this name for a reason I myself could not explain... ( I guess no copyright issues here:)

I always enjoyed others' blog/websites; my friend's, , my brother's and last but not least my cousin's I've also been following, and

Reading others' blog is so fun. I get to know and learn many things, think from others' perspective and of course I get to shop online too hehe:) But, on top of that it always drove me crazy to have my own blog. Years after years it remains as a beautiful dream until today Allah makes it into reality, Alhamdulillah. My intention is just to share and expand goodness to as many readers as possible. Hopefully Allah will guide me throughout my new venture.

Thus, I welcome positive comments, ideas, suggestions & opinions that can improve this blog. Till we meet again in next posting, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh (^_^)